what’s in my bag by rino



Have you ever wondered what that person you are interested in carries around with them? In this corner, we ask you about the contents of their bags. This time, we asked Rino.


I bought this GUCCI shoulder bag to celebrate my 20th birthday. I love the fact that the gusset is wide enough to hold a lot of things in my bag. It was my first purchase from a high brand, so I looked for a good one from among many brands, and I found this bag to be the cutest and most practical.


I keep my lipstick and mirror in a novelty Dior drawstring, and I like the CHANEL compact mirror because it has a regular mirror and a magnifying mirror. The YUZU GLAMOUR lipstick from Yojiya was a gift from a friend, and I love it because it smells so good and moisturizes well.


A coach wallet and a Yves Saint Laurent watch. I wear it not only when I go out, but also when I’m at school, because it doesn’t interfere with my studies and is easy to see despite its small size.


AirPods. I decided to buy them because my classes are now online. I used to use wired earphones, but my friends said that I could hear them better since I started using AirPods. The price is high, but I’m glad I bought them.


L’Occitane hand cream, Shiro perfume paste, and Dior hair mist were all given to me by a friend as a birthday present. I never get tired of the scents. I love them all because they are so good that it’s a waste to use them.


Starbucks water bottle. My sister gave it to me and I love it not only when I go to Starbucks, but also when I go to school. It doesn’t spill easily even if it is tilted, so it is easy to put in my bag. I don’t have a chance to bring it to school now because of online classes, but I keep it on my study desk with my drinks.

りの・20歳 大学生 


Second year university student. She is studying Indonesian language and law. Hobbies include online shopping.